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Brett's Resume

I bring ideas to reality by adding creativity and cleverness



  • 2004 - 2009

    University of Kansas

    Bachlor of Fine Arts

    Major in Industrial Design with a emphasis in Interaction Design and a minor in Cognitive Psychology.


  • August 2017 - Present

    Kiewit Engineering

    Interaction Designer Team Lead

    I was brought onboard to help establish and lead a UX department inside company that is heavily focused on engineering and business needs, and is behind the curve in developing user centered solutions to complex problems. Before joining, Kiewit had little experience with any part of the UX design process. I am in charge of a small team of rogue engineers to prove the value that a strong relationship between UX and development can bring to the success of a project.


    • Team collaboration and transparency: one of my big goals was to increase collaboration and communication between the design, development, and business leadership teams. I implemented formal design reviews, created best practices around documentation and specification, encouraged the team to do more prototyping, and insisted on whiteboard usage while talking through problems and encouraged sketching out ideas. This helped to keep conversations on track and get everyone on the same page.
    • Planning: I also spent a lot of time managing product and team intricacies. I helped manage the development team’s workflow and timelines, and assisted with planning small and large product improvements and releases.
    • Product Strategy & User Research: I aimed to keep the team focused on the end user’s needs, problems, and context by facilitating user interviews and usability testing.
    • UX Design: As a UX specialist, I partnered with various business leaders to work through the early stages of a design or product working from strategy and feature definition into information architecture, sketching and prototyping, copywriting, testing and design iterations.

  • September 2016 - July 2017

    Damascus Edge

    Senior Interaction Designer

    An, "official" description exists below, but basically I was the person who gets thrown into a project that is in drastic need of help. From assisting with the project roadmap and development time line, to creation of prototypes and usability tests. I am the reinforcements a struggling project needs. I work well with both the executives in charge of the vision they are struggling to realize and the engineers who are actually in the trenches building the end product.


    • Collaborate with solution owners to walk them through design exercises to help them quickly sketch and agree on features and workflows that align to their vision.
    • Quickly build functional prototypes for user tests. Run usability studies and generate reports to help inform project strategists and influence project roadmap.
    • Assists in day to day project management and manage project expectations and timeline.
    • Work with engineers to understand limitations and produce assists.

  • 2010 - September 2016


    Senior Interaction Designer

    Making healthcare software simpler, smarter, and a natural extension of clinical and personal workflows so providers can spend more time caring for patients and patients can spend less time worrying about their health care. • Collaborating with strategists, architects, and developers to design clinical imaging tools and patient timelines to help providers visualize a patient’s experience and improve quality of care. • Working closely with user experience researchers to prepare wireframes, prototypes, high-fidelity mock ups and scripts for usability testing. Facilitating stakeholder interviews and collaboration sessions for development teams. Coordinating and conducting shadowing visits and stakeholder interviews.

  • 2009 - 2010

    Interactive Technologies

    Interaction and Industrial Designer

    A small company that produced physical interfaces for remotes and POP kiosks. I was responsible for both the design of the physical objects and the interaction design that guides user behavior. I also was responsible for the company web presence and all marketing material and trade shop promotions. Pretty much doing it all to keep a small company with ideas afloat.

  • 2007 - 2009

    Tallgrass Design Studio

    Graphic and Interaction Designer

    Full time Graphic and Interaction Designer responsible for the creation, production and management of identity systems, environmental graphics, and client web presences. Clients included, Prairiefire Coffee roasters, Boulevard Brewing, and Culligan Water.


  • Sketch


    When it comes to UX Sketch has quickly become the gold standard for creating workflows and style sheets. Although I was an Illustrator hold out for a bit, I am very proficient in the core design tool as well as modifying and creating plugins to help assist fellow designers with component libraries and tools for quicker design iterations .

  • Prototyping


    Need something that made quick to prove a concept or do some user testing. I have a variety of tools I am very skilled with that will help do the job. Invision, Atomic, Pixate, Marvel, or good old fashioned code. Let's make ideas a reality by adding creativity and cleverness. Then let’s get those in front of real users to see if our ideas were actually good ideas.

  • Illustrator


    Need digital illustrations, logos, and other design work done quickly, I can whip them up in a flash. Extremely proficient with using Illustrator to create not only graphic elements but also pixel perfect workflow. Yes it IS possible! Also highly proficient with Photoshop, AfterEffects, and the whole host of Adobe design products.

  • Good old fashion coding


    My skill level is improving every day as I work my way through Code Academy classes. At the moment, I know enough to be dangerous, and can leverage and modify existing style sheets to create design iterations and alternate layouts. I know I am no expert, I have worked with front end geniuses. I am proficient enough to whip up quick prototypes to show clients and fellow designers interesting ideas.


  • Currently Updating Work

Can't wait to show you my awesome work!

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